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Leadership and Mentoring Program (LAMP)

The goal of the Leadership Academy and Mentorship Program (LAMP) is to foster Grit, Integrity, Confidence, Commitment, Accountability, and Inspiration in order to develop leadership skills and values in Bryn Mawr student athletes at all levels. These six core values are the program “beams,” which were selected by department staff, coaches, and student representatives in a collaborative effort.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy is to provide a venue for student-athletes to further develop existing leadership skills and qualities, while also learning new skills and strategies. Through collaboration with student-athletes across teams, participants are encouraged to engage with each of the six Beams across six corresponding sessions throughout the school year. Through discussion and specific exercises, the student-athletes define each of the six beams and assess themselves, their teams, the department, and the campus culture as a whole in relation to the beams. They progress to then explore their role in cultivating these beams in their leadership roles on the team, department, and campus level. Finally, they connect these beams to their legacy and their future plans beyond Bryn Mawr.

The goal of the Mentorship Program is to provide student athlete mentors (SAMs) with hands-on leadership experience through a semester-long program providing guidance and support to first-year student-athletes in their transition to Bryn Mawr. SAMs take responsibility for the logistics, planning, and implementation of “huddle” meetings with 10-12 first-year student-athletes to provide a sense of community, inter-team connection, and support from both peers and mentors.

Captain’s Corner provides the captains of all varsity teams the opportunity to reflect, share, connect, and learn from one another’s experiences of leadership on each team. These sessions are held on a monthly basis.