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Bryn Mawr College Athletic Alliance

Mission Statement

As the Bryn Mawr College Athletic Alliance, we are a group of scholar athletes of Color dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring that all scholar athletes of Color can thrive and succeed in an inclusive, accessible environment. We aim to provide resources and spaces to empower scholar athletes of Color through their experiences, progress, and achievements. We aim to celebrate scholar athletes of Color, their accomplishments, and their contributions to Bryn Mawr Athletics and Bryn Mawr College. We aim to collaborate with other women/students on campus to uplift the voices of the often invisibilized members of Bryn Mawr College. We aim to ensure that all students are notified and aware with full transparency of the plans of BMC Athletic Administration to combat racism in athletics and the institution as a whole. We do this to make this game, everyone’s game.


The establishment of Bryn Mawr Athletic Alliance could not have been possible without the work of the Black and brown women who have tirelessly made the efforts to advance the anti-racist goals within the Athletic Department at Bryn Mawr College. We honor the endeavors made by, Nolan Julien ‘18, Brendan Harrison ‘20, Meagan Murray-Bruce ‘20, Sydney Garner ‘20, and Jackie Fernandez ‘21 who spearheaded the anti-racist efforts within the Athletic Department these past few years that led to the establishment of Bryn Mawr Athletic Alliance.

We also honor the efforts of the Black and brown women at Haverford College, Jessica Lopez ‘21 and Jasmine Reed ‘22, who spearheaded the efforts to create Haverford Athlete of Color Coalition and to advance the anti-racist framework within Haverford College Athletic Department. We commemorate their courage in taking the initiative to create a space for athletes of Color to share their experiences within their respective sports. We also credit them for inspiring us to create Bryn Mawr Athletic Alliance at Bryn Mawr College.

Organizational Structure


Co-Heads will serve as a liaison between the Bryn Mawr Athletic Alliance and the overall athletic department. Co-Heads will be responsible for communication between BMAA members, and helping to build solidarity between athletes of Color in the Bryn Mawr Athletic community. Co-Heads will also be responsible for facilitating social events between the athletic community, the Bryn Mawr Student Body, and the Bi-Co.

 Jourdan Catchings headshot

Jourdan Catchings '22
Psychology major, Neuroscience minor

Elicie Edmond headshot  

Elicie Edmond '21
Literatures in English major

Bi-Co Reps

Bi-Co Reps will serve as the liaison between the Bryn Mawr Athletic Alliance and Haverford Athlete of Color Coalition. Bi-Co reps will collaborate with Haverford AOCC on social events planning and any updates regarding important events on respective campuses. The Bi-Co reps will prioritize the women of Color scholar athletes in the Haverford Athletic Community.

 Grecia Prieto Colon headshot

Grecia Prieto Colón '23
History and Political Science double major


Mia Gaughan '24
Track & Field
Undeclared major

Social Media Coordinators

Social media coordinators will be responsible for handling social media affairs to establish communication for members involved in Bryn Mawr Athletic Alliance as well as establish communication between all members in the athletic community.

Fabi Martinez headshot

Fabi Martinez '23
International Studies and Psychology double major

Morgan Nash headshot

Morgan Nash '23
Sociology major, Spanish minor

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach will account for the athlete/non-athlete divide by helping to collaborate with other affinity groups on campus to spread awareness about other parts of campus that athletes of Color can resort to when hoping to build community during their time at Bryn Mawr College. The Community Outreach will also attempt to bridge the gap for the athlete/non-athlete divide by collaborating with affinity groups on Bryn Mawr’s campus to garner more support in athletic events, such as games and Homecoming. Additionally, community outreach chairs will be a resource to utilize for scholar athletes of Color whose experiences at the College may also vary in other ways, such as, migration status, (dis)ability, sexuality, etc.

 Amirah Hewitt headshot

Amirah Hewitt '22
Mathematics major

Casandra Paiz headshot

Casandra Paiz '21
Anthropology major


BMCAA Constitution