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Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center

Building/Facilities Policies           Locker Room Policies           Swimming Pool Policies           Guest Policies


Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center Policies

The newly renovated Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center has quickly become the place to be since reopening in September 2010.

The 11,500 sq. ft. fitness center boasts over 50 pieces of cardio equipment, 15 selectorized weight machines and a multi-purpose room housing everything from PE Indoor cycling to Zumba Fitness!

The fitness center has over 100 different workout options, including drop in classes, free weights, indoor cycling bicycles, and cardiovascular and strength training machines.

The building hosts two-courts in the Class of 1958 Gymnasium, an eight lane pool, a fitness center with a varsity weight training area, an athletic training room, locker rooms, a conference smart room and the Department of Athletics & Physical Education offices.  The fitness center is located on the second floor directly up the circular staircase as you enter The Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center.  Please make sure to look over the following policies and procedures as you enjoy all the new facility has to offer.

Building Regulations and Policies

  • Participants are expected to act responsibly and respect the rights of others. Those engaging in unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may have their access to facilities revoked or suspended.
  • All facility publicity boards / brochure racks are maintained by the Department of Athletics & Physical Education. Requests to publicize an activity or program in the building, must be coordinated with The Department of Athletics & Physical Education. All unauthorized postings will be removed and discarded. 
  • No running, dancing, training can take place in hallways.
  • Report problems, needs and concerns to the Fitness Center Monitor.
  • Audible music is not permitted except for approved activities.
  • No skateboards or bikes are permitted indoors.
  • No smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any illegal substance is permitted.
  • Food and drinks, except water in reusable bottles, are not permitted beyond the main lobby, except for approved activities.
  • No animals allowed (except dogs assisting persons with disabilities).
  • Proper athletic attire is required. Shirts must be worn at all times. Persons may not wear sports bras only except for departmental approved activities. No “excessive dress” for weight loss permitted. No jeans or clothing that may “rip” upholstery. Proper non-marking athletic shoes are required in the fitness center and gymnasium.   Protective “closed-toe” shoes must be worn at all times and on all equipment.
  • All personal belongings must be secured in lockers or storage cubbies. Bags are not permitted in group exercise areas, gymnasium, fitness center floor or hallways.
  • The Department of Athletics & Physical Education is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.
  • Pictures and/or videos are not permitted without permission from The Department of Athletics and Physical Education as per Bryn Mawr College policy.
  • Onecard access is required to obtain entry into the building and into the fitness center.  When using the Fitness Center members must swipe a valid OneCard at the building entrance and at the fitness desk in order to gain access.
  • Students interested in reserving spaces in The Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center should contact Courtney Morris at or ext. 7583.

Fitness Center Policies

In order to ensure a safe, productive and clean environment, the fitness center/athletic staff asks for cooperation with the following policies:

  • All Bern Schwartz Athletics & Fitness Center policies apply.
  • Proper athletic attire required---No bare feet/No open toe footwear allowed.  T-shirt/tank top required.  Persons may not wear sports bras only. No “excessive dress” for weight loss permitted.
  • Equipment removed from multi-purpose room should be returned after use.
  • Please limit cardio workouts to 30 minutes when others are waiting for machines.
  • Please wipe down all machines, mats and benches after use.  Please DO NOT wipe display screens or televisions with sanitizing wipe, this will cause damage to screens.
  • Olympic Lifting platforms and rubberized weights are restricted to intercollegiate athletic use only.
  • Please re-rack all free weights in their proper place, DO NOT leave weights on bars.
  • Spotters and/or a workout partner are recommended when using free weights. 
  • Allow others to "work in" if you are performing more than one set on a machine if others are waiting.  Please vacate machines in between sets. 
  • No group workouts (more than 3 persons) of any kind without approval of the Fitness Director.
  • Cell Phone use is permitted in the lobby or seating areas in the fitness center only; cell phone use is not permitted in the fitness center, locker rooms, gymnasium or pool as it creates a distraction to others using the facility.
  • No horseplay!!
  • Please see the Fitness Center Monitor on duty to inquire about missing items.  Items in the Lost & Found will be discarded at the end of each semester and before the start of the academic year.

Use of the Bern Schwartz Athletics & Fitness Center is a privilege.  Please help maintain the current nature of the facility.  

Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-purpose room, located in the fitness center, is reserved for physical education classes, fit club classes and athletic departmental use.  When not being used, the multi-purpose room is available for recreational use.  Group workouts must be coordinated with The Department of Athletics and Physical Education.  Please return all equipment to its proper place if taken from the multi-purpose room, or the fitness center.  

The Class of 1958 Gymnasium

The Bern Schwartz gymnasium is available for open recreation as part of a set schedule.  Permissible activities during open recreation in the gymnasium include: basketball, badminton, volleyball, and Frisbee.  Any other types of sports or activities must obtain prior approval from the Department of Athletics, please contact Courtney Morris at for further information regarding approved activities.  Proper footwear must be worn; no wet shoes, boots or black soled sneakers that may mark up the floor are permitted.  No exiting or entering through emergency access doors.  Please return all equipment to its proper place.


Locker Room Policies

Please use the appropriate locker room when using the facility (See below). Please abide by all locker room policies and help maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for everyone. Be aware locker room assignments may change due to college sponsored activities, see posting outside of locker rooms for changes. Public Restrooms located throughout the facility are not to be used as changing rooms. 

Locker Rooms  

Women’s Locker Room: Locker room is reserved for use by those who identify themselves as female.

Men’s Locker Room: Locker room is reserved for use by those who identify themselves as male.

Gender Neutral Locker Room: Locker Room is available for any member of the Bryn Mawr community to use, only day lockers are available in this locker room.  Please pay attention to signage in order to maintain privacy while in use.

Varsity Team Locker rooms: Locker rooms are reserved for current Bryn Mawr College varsity student-athletes.

Day-Use Lockers 

  • Day-use lockers are available in the Women’s Locker Room, the Gender Neutral Locker Room, and the Men’s Locker Room at no charge on a first come, first served basis.
  • Padlocks are recommended as The Department of Athletics & Physical Education and Bryn Mawr College are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. 
  • Members must remove their padlock and all items in day-use lockers when they leave the facility. 
  • Any items left overnight will be removed and placed in Lost & Found. 

Overnight Lockers 

A limited number of overnight lockers are available to full-time Bryn Mawr Faculty/Staff. Lockers will be allocated every two years via a lottery system. Contact Katie Tarr ( or ext. 7305) in the Department of Athletics & Physical Education for questions regarding overnight lockers.

  • No Food or drink may be consumed or stored in the locker room at any time.
  • Please limit shower use time to 5 minutes.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to dry their swimsuits by using the swimsuit dryer on the pool deck prior to storing them in a locker.  Wet suits are not permitted to be stored in lockers, please hang them in the wet area of the locker room when possible.
  • Locker room temperature will be maintained by the Athletic Department. Users are not permitted to adjust the temperature.

Please report any problems or concerns to Katie Tarr, Associate Athletic Director, at

Swimming Pool Policies

The Bern Schwartz Center offers a variety of aquatic programs from swim lessons and aqua aerobics to open swim and master’s program.

Open recreation lap swim is offered daily. Please note hours are subject to change.

Swimming Pool Rules

  • Swim at your own risk
  • Do not enter the water until a lifeguard is on duty
  • Swimmers must shower before entering water
  • Proper swimming attire must be worn by all swimmers
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult in the water at all times
  • All children must be potty-trained to use the pool.  Swim diapers are NOT permitted.
  • Swimmers are to enter the pool area through the locker rooms – no exit or entrance through double doors located at each end of pool
  • No running on deck or in locker room areas
  • Do not swim under bulk head
  • No jumping or diving off of starting blocks without the supervision of a coach
  • No diving in shallow end
  • No sitting or hanging on lane lines
  • No flotation devices allowed
  • Kick boards, fins and pull buoys are for the use of lap swimmers and supervised classes only
  • All food and beverage on pool deck must be approved by Aquatics Director
  • No glass permitted on pool deck or locker room area
  • Please use swim suit dryer located on pool deck during scheduled pool hours.  There is an additional suit dryer in the varsity locker room

If you have comments, suggestions or feedback regarding the center’s aquatic programs, contact the Aquatics Director Pat McDevitt at or 610-526-7349.

Guest Policies

No guests are permitted to use the Schwartz Fitness Center or pool at this time.