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Bryn Mawr Battles Hard at Saturday's Game Against McDaniel

Natalia Chorzepa

BRYN MAWR, Pa. – The Owls competed on Saturday against McDaniel in their third conference game of the season. Goalkeepers Natalia Chorzepa and Lucy Heyman made a total of 11 saves throughout the game, while first-year Amanda Cruz made the lone shot on goal for the Owls.

The Owls' defense started off strong as the Green Terrors took possession of the ball early in the game. Goalkeeper Natalia Chorzepa saved three shots and sophomore Sarah Lohrey made two defensive saves within the first 36 minutes. Bryn Mawr had a few opportunities for a goal during the first half. Paige Mastripolito sprinted with the ball to the halfway line after receiving a clean drive from teammate Daniella Dosen. Mastripolito attempted to pass the ball to Cruz, but the ball went just out of reach, allowing the Green Terrors to reclaim possession of the ball. McDaniel would go on to make two goals on the Owls. Bryn Mawr had one last chance to get on the scoreboard with one minute remaining in the half. Amanda Cruz slammed the ball towards the back of the net, but to the crowd's disappointment the shot was saved by McDaniel's goalkeeper Katherine Carstensen.

The second half began with a new goalkeeper for each team, with Lucy Heyman, a first-year goalkeeper for the Owls, entering her first collegiate game. The first-year made an impressive save early in the half, with a high jump blocking the ball with her hand to push the ball over the crossbar. At the 61-minute mark, the Owls finally regained possession of the ball after a long dry spell. After great passing between three different Owls, the ball once again reached Mastripolito, who bumped the ball off her chest towards the goal, but in a great upset the forward's shot went just wide. In the last three minutes of the game the desire for a goal was visible in the eyes of the home team. Daniella Dosen took her chance to score a goal after being pushed towards the goal line, being followed by two McDaniel players, but her shot went just wide. Mastripolito took what would become the Owls' last chance to get on the scoreboard. As only two minutes remained on the clock, Mastripolito had her eye on the prize, but to the dissapointment of the home crowd her shot, just like Dosen's, went just wide. The game ended with McDaniel taking the win 2-0.

The Owls will travel to Gettysburg on Saturday, October 1st for a late afternoon game.